Mount Anywhere Twin Stick Shifter????

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Sep 3, 2006
St. Louis, MO
Who can tell me where to get a Mount Anywhere Twin Stick Shifter for my Orion HD? I have emailed Northwest Fab earlier in the week and have not gotten a response. Where else should I look?

Thanks for your help,

Giving up?

Saw this today on Ebay. Very sad its got just about everything on my wish list. Worse yet he never even got to drive it. Seems like a good deal.
eBay Motors: Toyota : Land Cruiser (item 170271949248 end time Oct-23-08 07:32:31 PDT)
My Orion HD came with Twin Sticks. To bad I can't afford to have it installed. Dadgum college tuition!
HD's come with twin sticks. Not sure what the problem is. Do you want cable shifters instead? Not sure that is possible on a cruiser case. Might try talking to High Angle Driveline or Proffitts Cruisers for a custom setup.

Thread originated in March folks.....

Thread originated in March folks.....


Yeah 'my bad. :whoops: I know this an old post and now its probably in the wrong forum.

I just responded to an old thread from this guy who looked like he was off to an unbeleivable start..... but now is giving it up on ebay.

Sorry for the confusion, I just felt bad for a guy who is a member here especially when I know the feeling myself. Albeit he lost a lot more money.

Thought maybe someone would be interested in it....little pricey for me, although loaded with parts you couldnt buy for anywhere near 8K.
body and frame

funny with all those hi dollar parts he doesnt seem to have done anything about the frame or body?

Shame he gave up though he was almost there it seems

Keep going all you tortoises! :grinpimp::grinpimp::grinpimp:

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