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Feb 7, 2006
Savannah, GA
Just confirming that the "Vortec" motor mount is a 4 hole not a 3 hole as earlier blocks?

three hole.jpg
4 hole.jpg

three hole.jpg
4 hole.jpg
check the year of your block. I have a '98 vortec and it has the standard 3 hole. Don't know when they changed to the four hole.
in the late 90's, and with the introduction of the LS1 and Vortec Gen. 111 V8 blocks, i've seen a variation from this triangular pattern. An LS1 or vortec gen. 111 would have a rectangular mount while the gen. 1 & 11 have standard triangular mount.
Just like most things "it depends" will have to suffice till I get to see the block on Monday.

Thanks for the inputs..

vortec 5.7 still use the three hole mount. 4.8, 5.3 ,6.0 are all 4 bolt pattern . not sure about the other ones.
Too Tall ---- Thanks I have a 5.7 and got it yesterday and indeed it is the three hole. It's going to save me from fabbing some custom motor mounts.

I appreciate the info!!

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