Motor mount question 91 3FE doner to 88 FJ62

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Jan 6, 2018
Kea'au, Hawaii
I am replacing the 3FE in my '88 FJ62 with a 3FE from an '91 FJ80. I want to replace the motor mounts. Are the the same? Thanks in advance for the help.
You mean the rubber bushings? Pretty sure they’re the same. The engine side metal brackets are different on the A C side... you can use the fj80 brackets, but then you must also use the fj80 idlers, AC pump and ps pump. The 62 components will not work in the 80 series brackets
There are three different part numbers for three "different" motor mount insulators for the 3F-E depending on year & vehicle. I have no idea if they are interchangeable. Usually different part numbers denote different parts.

Ok, I understand that the bracket position may be different. Are the rubber bushings the same between the 62 and 80, 3F-E?
The part numbers are different. That means the parts are different. Could they be made to fit? Don't know.

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