Most miles on FZJ80

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Oct 31, 2003
Just wondering how many miles anyone has seen on a FZJ80 before it required major work?
Define major work?
Head gasket, new transmission, major parts replaced. If you have one with 300K miles but it had a head gasket done at 250K miles that could be shown with that stated. Just wanting to see how durable the FZJ80's are for the members.
160K here and no major work of that sort...of course, I have the 3FE so that is expected. :D
Only 190k w/no problems :D
240K without major engine, tranny, t-case work according to the previous owner who is a friend of mine. I am in the middle of a full front axle rebuild, end to end and differential rebuild with ne side gears, spiders and bearings, at about $1200 in parts. To me that is major.
Forgot to add mine. 131K miles just belts, hoses, fluids, filters, shocks, brake pads, plugs, all the little things. Someone once told me that 300K mile average usage was designed in for well maintained LC's, hope they were right.
119K - two starters and one alternator.
178K so far 34k sicne I bought it a year ago. behold 3FE POWER!!!!!
Interesting topic. Looks like dads buddy is finaly gonna get rid of his 94 fzj80, one owner 250k on it, diff locks, leather, never had any major service done or needed, just LOTS of oil changes and stuff like that. Body is great Serviced by his big rig mechanics sense new. Last time I rode in it(200k), it rode and drove like new Do I take a chance and buy it? I was thinking of 5K or so.
265k on my '93 FZJ80. It may have had the xfer case worked on, but I think it was only for leaks as it still is a bit sloppy and whines some. Otherwise it runs very well. The enging purrs like a kitten and still has lots of power.

[quote author=Eduardo96FZJ80 link=board=2;threadid=7749;start=msg65275#msg65275 date=1069278260]
You have room for another one??
:( I'm envious!!

sure :D thing is once you have say 3-4.....its all over why not? :flipoff2: once I run out of room at my house(and I got lots more room).....I still have 40 acres I can fence off and stash em on ;)
I suspect that 250 K out of a well maintained 1FZ is easily attainable, provided there are no failures such as befell cruiserman. The weak link as many of you know but has not been mentioned here, is the head gasket. No doubt forced induction could shorten the life-span and getting one hot because of cooling system neglect will certainly do one in. If I can get mine to 200k, before it needs a head gasket, I'll be in TALL cotton :D .

138k. Nothing major at all. Birf's haven't even been done yet, but look excellent. After the wx improves, I'll get parts from C-Dan and grease up my garage. Drives like it's got 10k on it.

Yer avitar makes my eyes go in and out of focus...............

I gotta hang a leg over the side of the chair to keep from spinning :flipoff2:

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