Most bestest daughter’s B Day gift 🤣

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Jun 19, 2013
Saraland, AL
I drove my daughter to kindergarten in our 2000 LX. She is now still driving it in her jr. year in college. For her 21st birthday today, I smoked her mother’s gift to her, a booger head kitten, with some jam up reverse LEDs like on my ‘99 LC.

Just spliced into reverse light wires right behind existing bulb.
These look great! Where did you source them?
He posted several links. Interested as well.
Thanks! I saw that they rendered fine on my phone, but not on my desktop. My bad.
Did these lights require any modification to the bumper or did they just slip into the opening? If by chance no cutting on the bumper was required do the screws go through the bumper?
I’ve wanted to do this for a while but really don’t want to screw into my bumper.
I did this on my ‘99 and will be doing it on my ‘05. The red “lights” are actually just reflectors. Once you unbolt them, you do need to cut the bumper behind them. But the lights fit almost perfectly in the indention. I will caution you. Cut it smaller than you think you need them trim it as you go. As with any cutting, you can easily cut more but can’t put back what you’ve already cut. It’s a very simple addition that takes about 30 min at most.
Awesome. I need to do this.
What did y'all use to splice into the existing reverse lights wiring? Did you just run the new wires down from the housing to the bumper? Looking for some tips and tricks before doing it myself.

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