More stinking holes!!

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Sep 24, 2009
Cologne, MN
OK--More holes I may need to weld up.

I think 2 were for mirrors, but since I haven't seen them, I don't know how far apart the mounting holes were? One of the larger on the Pass side may be for an antenna--Probably the lower one, as it looks like a factory punch hole, but the top one???

Help me out! 70 FJ40, but the tub year is unknown. I think the mirror mounts were earlier models-----The holes I think that were for a mirror mount look like 3 1/8 on center


Heres my 1/72

I think holes were for mirrors, but with some of the stuff po's do anything is possible !

Dont feel so bad, look at my dash, i get heartburn looking at mine, so when im crusin i keep a bottle of tums handy. I might slip in an 8 track player !!!:beer:

128 001.jpg
128 001.jpg
128 004.jpg
antenna hole is the lower large one, the other is drilled by po and the 2 look like hinge holes

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