More 350 conversion - FJ40 question

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Oct 21, 2003
Some of you had read my last post about starter and alternator problem. but for those who didn't....

I just bough a 77' FJ 40 in the middle of a 350 conversion and I've been running in to a few problems, hear is the latest.

I was about to measure the driveshafts and take them to a local shop to be modifed and I realized that the transfer case flang and front dif. flang and no where near lining up straight! The T-case is a couple inches to the passenger side. Has anyone had this problem and how do I fix looks as though all the engine mounts/crossmembers connections to the frame are ajustable.

Thank for any info.


illustration attached, first time I've done this so I hope it works
First off, I have a friend who runs his with the offset. Claims that's what U-Joints are for. Secondly, I hope you don't have to go through what I just did on my Cruiser. Had to cut the motor mounts, crossmember and all and move everything forward 4 inches. (didn't do the original conversion). This allows for a decent length rear shaft, and the shift also uncovered that the engine was not in evenly and actually had a left lean to it. Oh, well, it's fixed now. Unless there is some cracker way of moving your tranny and case over (which I'm not familiar with...anyone else know???)...then I would say you could always go for it with that angle as long as it's not ridiculous and more of an angle than in the picture.
This isn't, however, the best solution. Good luck.
my dad did the orgnial conversion back around 1980 it is offset like your drawing and he or i have never had any problems since the angles are the same and are not excesive
Mine has quite a bit of offset like yours without one problem. I'm SBC 350, SOA, 35s etc, etc. Rockcrawling isn't easy on parts but it's holding up good.
I have a little offset myself with no worries. The front drive shaft was not able to be balanced since it was a little worn out. I know I will have to replace it eventually but for now I don't do any high speed driving in four wheel drive and it works. I think you will be okay with your setup. Just my opinion.
??? If I'm not mistaken, the AA 350 swap book calls for the center of the crankshaft on a conversion to be offset several inches to the driver's side of center. I took a look at mine, which lines up the output flanges and the diff flanges pretty well, and it is indeed about 5" or so offset.... It's been too long since I did the swap for me to remember how I did it, but I think I just slid the whole assy. (engine and tranny/t-case) over til the motor mount holes lined up and bolted her in. The t-case mount has slots instead of holes, so sliding it over was a breeze...YMMV.

I agree with the rest of the guys in that a small offset isn't a big thing. Compound driveline angles that are excessive can be a very butt numbing experience though!

I would be more worried about the angles being the same. Up, down or side to side--it all depends on your perspective.

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