Moose ramp (J-Moose rack) source?

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May 7, 2005
South Jordan, UT
Anyone know where to find a Moose ramp (for the J-Moose roof rack) for a good price?

Anyone in SLC or nearby know a local source?


If anyone is interested, after poking around I've found that the ramp Wildyoats used is more commonly listed as "IBF-7148" rather than "Moose" or MUD4871. Searches with "ramp" and "7148" yield lots of links to good prices (~$130 shipped), but most places seem to be out of stock.

I might be jumping into a J-Moose project any day. I'll be sure to update progress.


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I checked and they list a few different ramps. None is exactly what you specified, but this looks like it has some potential.
It appears that these guys have the 7148 ramp in stock for $95.99 + $29 shipping.

Now I'm looking for a cheap source for the Con-Ferr Bulldog clamps...

...I really should be working right now...


I'm in Highland (N Utah county) and found my J-Moose ramp at Cabela's in Lehi for $79 on sale. The harbor freight ramps have a funky rib along the inside edge of the frame rails making it hard to bolt together (don't ask how I know).

Cabelas also has a tri-fold ramp that may work, but I liked the bi-fold as it was a bit longer. You're welcome to come take a peek at mine, or you can see it here:
Here is a couple links to help out.

Scroll down just above the steps. I didn't have much nice to say about SOR years ago w/ my 40 but they may have improved.

Tall mounts, but nice price


and of course the one from above


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