Moonroof/ Bleeding brakes

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Apr 14, 2008
Orange County, CA
I have a few questions:
  1. How do you remove the moonroof glass without having to drop the headliner?
  2. The moonroof will close, but the back will not raise up to be flush with the roor- can this be adjusted?
  3. In searching on this forum for bleed the brakes, someone stated that the 80 should be running in order to bleed the brakes properly, is this true? I have the soft pedal- it does not go to the floor, but not as firm as I feel itshould be.
Appreciate any help.

1. I'm pretty sure you have to drop the headliner
2. The FSM explains the different ways the sunroof can be adjusted and how to do it. If mine was nearby I could double check, but I believe there are shims that can be used to adjust the closed height.
3. It doesn't have to be running. There is an order that you should bleed the brakes however. Right rear, left rear, front right, front left, LSPV. I have also bled the LSPV after bleeding the rears and before the fronts with good results.

Hope that helps!
don't drop the headliner!!
just pop off the side pieces, there are three nuts per side holding the glass in under/above them, and shims etc up there to fiddle with, but you may need some readjusting of the cable mechanism that moves the glass first. find a FSM from somebody here that is in your neighborhood or go buy one; worth their weight in gold.

don't know about the brakes, and welcome:flipoff2:
Thanks- I ordered a FSM today.
Are the nuts under the plastic trim and is this the trim you remove with a putty knife?
Is there an order to the trim removal.

I read a thread a while back that had a lot of pictures of someone working on a sunroof. Search for sunroof rattle or similar, moonroof probably won't get you any results.
try also inner tube sunroof fix, I think that has good pics

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