Montana Rovers Social Monday Nov 1st evening at the New Autopilot shop.

Jul 25, 2019
Hey mentioned at the last meeting....we're doing an impromptu social at our new shop. We'll of course have tons of Land Rovers, but I've also invited the Vanagon hippies as I'm one of those too and I'd like to invite all the cruiser heads. As usually there will be food, beer, general shenanigans. All are welcome to join. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Shoot me an email with any questions..... and I'll post more details as I know them. 2175 Industrial Drive, Bozeman.
Jul 25, 2019
Here are some more details for the Cruiser Heads. Look forward to sharing a beer with yall!

Come one, come all! Things are shaping up for a great evening! Bring your Rover (and Vanagon or Land Cruiser) down to the shop, enjoy a cold beer and hot burger. Spend the afternoon/evening gazing into the eyes of an old series 2 or a pimped out Defender.
You are welcome to camp on the edges of the parking lot if desired. Looks like it's going to be a nice but cool evening so make sure to bring a jacket. We'll have a pony keg of Amber from Bridger Brewing.
We will have full access to the empty part of our shop as well as a bathroom and sink. The majority of the Autopilot shop and building will be closed off to public access and I'll ask everyone to avoid the closed off areas for safety and confidentiality purposes. We may park a few trucks in the shop and will have the garage door open so you can wander in and out as desired.
We'll have the grill ripping and have plenty of burgers and misc sides. If you would like something to drink other than the amber, probably a good idea to throw in a sixer of your favorite and bring it along as well. Feel free to bring something else to throw on the grill as well if you would prefer something other than a burger. We'll have plenty of coolers with ice and a free standing fire pit in the parking lot with plenty of wood to take the edge off.
Let's try to park fairly close together......while the parking lot is considerably bigger than our old shop, I have a feeling we're gonna pack it! This event will mostly be outdoors/in a big open shop, so should be pretty COVID safe. I'll declare right now that the formal rover hand shake for this event is the fist bump. Let's do that. Oh...and Bring a chair. If you are are not invited. Please stay home and get better.

The formal kick off time is 4:00pm on Monday Nov 1, but I won't shame you a bit if you show up a little early. There will already be 6 or 8 rovers there by the end of the weekend. We'll party and hang well past the time when we will regret it on Tues.

Thanks to the following people and organizations that jumped in here to help put this together, are running around gathering supplies, or helping cover costs:
Richard Black
Angas Reid
Andy Nix @ Voyager Racks
Scott Sehnerd @ Rocky Mountain Bank
Josh Horstmann
Laura Cameron @ Whistling Andy's Distillery
Bridger Brewing
Jim Klug @ Yellowdog Fly Fishing Adventures

Autopilot Inc.
2175 Industrial Drive
Bozeman Montana 59715

Griffin Drive, the street that connects Rouse and N. 7th Ave is under construction.
If you are coming into the shop from the Rouse side, you're fine. Drive right in.
If you are coming from the N. 7th side, you either need to do the sneak (Nickles Drive/Evergreen Drive) through just South of Griffin or go South to Oak and cut over to Rouse.

My cell is 406-579-7906 if you get lost or your rover breaks down a mile away. If I don't answer, leave a message and I'll call back ASAP.

I look forward to seeing everyone Monday night and let me know if you have any further questions!

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