Monsterliner on LX450 plastic?

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Sep 13, 2014
Prescott AZ
I've read a bit about lining the truck and have decided that the Monsterliner product seems to be what everyone has had the best luck with, and seems to be highly regarded for durability and UV fade resistance. I would love to remove all the plastic on my LX, I have a welder and can patch all the holes correctly, however once I sand down, and lay the liner on the body, it will become more invasive than I care to do at the moment due to time constraints. I also like the 3rd dimension the plastic adds, and the belt-line it produces. I'm mostly doing trails in AZ, and am not a hard core crawler, or rock guy, so I imagine the plastic is safe for the foreseeable future from being "ripped off"

I went to a professional spray-on bed-liner installer and was told adhesion to the plastic would be less than ideal. He basically said if a corner was caught, the whole panel would "peel". I would like to cover all the side plastic, wheel trim, as well as front and rear bumpers with the Monsterliner. Basically everything that was below the color belt-line from the factory. I plan to sand these areas for adhesion, however if the whole coating will "peel" off then I don't want to waste my time

Has anyone done this? Are there pictures? If anyone has opinions or thoughts on the matter I would love to hear them so I can make an informed decision beyond my own research, Thanks all
I did all the flares on my 92' and it held up amazingly well over 2 years - you can get a thing of touchup to match but if prepped right with a good scuffing and MEK wipedown the likelihood it's going to peel is minimal IMHO.... I'd think it'd hold up very well......

I am doing my roof next month and as I need to get the roof holes welded I am opting to have it sprayed.....but with a light nap roller you can get a fairly decent semigloss finish.....

PM me if you want pics

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