Mombasa or ARB RTT?

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Price is the biggest difference. You might also compare the one from They are all similar and probably made in the same factory in China.
i did a search on type 74 japanese trailers and I didn't have any luck. IT showed pics of tanks. DO you have any pics of the trailer.
i did a search on type 74 japanese trailers and I didn't have any luck. IT showed pics of tanks. DO you have any pics of the trailer.

sorry fat fingered it, Type 73

Went to Jaque at TRDParts. Excellent product at a fair price. The larger tent was a good choice for me. Have not had any other RTT experience other than this.
Tent trailer 018.jpg
That's a clean trailer! Hope you enjoy it!!!

It wasn't always looking like this. When purchased, it had some wounds caused by the Japanese government to sell the thing as scrap.

You can see the burn mark where they took a torch and cut through the side to "burn" the wiring harness, and the chunk missing from the right side draw bar...


They also took a hammer to all the lights, and burned off the bumper numbers and Japanese Imperial logo...


From what I can tell it had a lunette casting identical to the old US M100's, as you can see in the pic. Because this puts the ring too high for the tow vehicle, I installed a casting from an M416 to lower the ring over 5". It is still a bit low on the Jeep, but I have some other things up my sleeve. I have been hauling various stuff around in the Type-73. It is currently my utility trailer, but will be built as a pure camp/adventure trailer for later expeditions to the Canadian Shield and beyond. Of course this is AFTER the paperwork clears so I can pick up my M101A2 (w/1-ton axle/springs and tarp/bows) which I nabbed from At that point I will be measuring the M101A2's lunette to see if the original M100 style lunette assembly puts the ring at the same level. If/when they are equal I will need to bump the spare to the garage for when I tow, as the hitch will be somewhere where the tire sits now. I would like to have only one hitch adapter for both trailers. As it is, I can't open the pintle hook, or the rear door, when the trailer is hooked up, great for security, but s***e for practical use. I need to mount the pintle to the lunette ring, then slip it into the receiver on the Jeep and drop the pin in.... big pain in the ass. I am holding off on making a proper and better fitting hitch idea until I get the Jeep lifted and on proper rubber. Once that is done... look out!
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Nice looking rig mep1811. Plan on vergin trip with new Mombosa to BigBend and surrounding area in the spring. Should be a great time.
nice set0up--looks like good times for sure
Another note. The Overcamp only takes less than five minutes to set up. My friend has the Mobassa and that tent takes about 15 mintues and really needs two people to set up.
Im not sure what Mombosa your talking about, but I got the large one and it only takes about 5 minutes for me to set up with my 10 year old daughter. Probably faster by myself. This is my first and hopefully last RTT, the tent should last for years if properly used. That is true with anything especially camping equipment. Ive used the same ground tent for at least 12 years and am looking forward to level sleep up off the ground. Wish I had one back when my wife and I camped so much in the sanddunes of West Texas.
I have the Mombasa Overland +Series and it takes maybe 5-7 min to set up. And that's taking my time, not trying to set a record or anything. Done all by myself. Don't understand why it would take two?

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