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Jul 9, 2004
Montgomery Co. TEXAS
Okay, so y'all that have been around longer already know what I'm about the say, and yes, y'all can say "I told ya so" and I will be :eek: that I didn't listen sooner ......


So I needed 4 11mm serrated bolts (studs) for the park brake housing for my new driveshaft. My local dealer (mistake #1) wanted $12 for 4 of them plus freight from California, another $8. I posted up looking for used ones, send a few PM's and nothing. Chris suggested Molle and yes I forgot all about Molle :doh: . Called and talked to Brian he found the part number, located them in Cali. and got them ordered. I figured at this point $20 was $20 so long as my local dealer didn't get it. I get a call the 1/10, my bolts are in, wow! I call back the 11th with the CC number, never asked the total or shipping or anything, I had to have them. I get home from work today (the 12th) and there is a box from Molle :confused: . Open it up to find the bolts and the receipt...... TAC price was $1.07 each and tax and NO shipping, NO handling, NO BS!!!! $4.59 to my door the next day!

I'm a believer! I won't forget again, I promise!

By your parts at Molle!!!:beer:
hey mike
they found that crazy wire block i needed for way less than topeka dealers and i had it in no time....molle rocks!

Funny, What you don't know is they didn't have your phone # and called me to get it.
They probably would have gotten your order to you quicker if they had the card # and address right off the bat..
THere is no reason a dealer should be charging you freight from the LA warehouse or whatever warehouse on a part.. That's just crazy!
Molle just flat rocks. And Erik is responsible for a lot of that, behind the scenes...

Give'em yer bidness!

Yep molley gets all my $$$. They have been really helpful sourcing some 130W 24volt bulbs from IPF (ARB). I think I see fear in there eyes when they see me walk in (Oh no it's that wierd diesel guy again).

Once again...

Called Molle on Tuesday evening about a replacement fan clutch for the LX - bearing had bitten the dust. One was found at the warehouse, then overnighted on Wednesday for receipt today - so that I can install it tonight before heading to Tuttle.

Gotta love it! :cheers:

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