Mojave Road - Memorial Day

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Aug 19, 2009
I thought I would share our recent trip over the Mojave Road this past Memorial Day weekend. The road is 138 miles long and traverses across the center of the Mojave National Preserve.

We left Friday morning and met up with my wife's parents in Bull Head City. We hit the trail at around noon and traveled west from the beginning of the trail right at the Colorado River. We traveled about 40 miles stopping at the old Fort Piute along the way. We spent our first night at about 4800 feet among the joshua trees with strong winds and temps in the 30's.

Our second day we traveled another 40 miles stopping at Rock Spring to check out the petroglyphs and settlement. There was a concern about the amount of gas we had with us (from the in-laws), so we took the opportunity to drive the main road that runs N/S through the preserve to a gas station to top off. At $5.29/gal I was glad to have only needed 10 gallons. This was our first opportunity to check gas mileage...6 mpg on the trail!! That night we camped at the base of a cinder cone among lava rock. Elevation that night was lower at 3200 feet and the temps were much more tolerable in the low 50's overnight.

The 3rd day brought another 40 miles, hotter temps and the Soda Lake crossing. What an amazing experience to drive across such a large dry lakebed. Our final night we camped in the middle of Afton Canyon and had warm temps (upper 60's lower 70's), no wind and a huge fire to enjoy.

Day four, our final day, was almost 20 miles of thick soft wash sand. Man, that was a tiring stretch to drive and listen to the engine whine the whole time. We completed the trail at about noon on Monday, so the entire trip was exactly 3 full days.

We had a blast and drove through some of the most beautiful desert wilderness I've ever seen. We drove in nearly everything but snow...dirt, sand, mud, pavement, rocks, washouts, hill climbs, and more.

The cruiser did awesome and I'm really happy that my BT3-C trailer was made for this type of rugged terrain.

If your interested, here are some pictures:

And if you're really interested, and have the time, I put together a 20 minute video of the entire trip. My wife narrates the whole thing and captures most of the cool terrain.

Mojave Trip - YouTube


we did it once the other way around
NIce pictures and Video.....Thanks for sharing
Looks like a great family experience! The Lava Tubes looks way cool!

we did it once the other way around

The hill climb after Rock Springs (heading east) must have been fun. I almost turned around to climb up it, but pulling the trailer gave me second thoughts with it being so slippery.
Looks like a great family experience! The Lava Tubes looks way cool!

The lava tube was pretty cool. You get a similar experience to the one in Flagstaff without as much work getting down into it. This one had stairs! The skylight in the back was really cool, Flagstaff doesn't have any light once you're in.
watched the whole video, looks like you had a great time.

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