Mojave Desert fun day...

Discussion in 'Trails - Events - Expeditions' started by Shahram, Jul 18, 2005.

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    Feb 11, 2005
    This weekend, went driving in the El Paso Mountains, Mojave Desert. It was 115ºF at the trailhead.


    A/C was cranking the whole way up on the freeway, but decided to quit on me when we slowed down on the trail. I had my buddy in his Tacoma, his wife, her twin, and their thirteen year old cousin from Houston who wanted to go 'wheeling and shoot some guns.


    Engine temp started rising, so we rolled down the windows and turned up the heater. Whoo-hoo was that hot! But it's a dry heat, right? Yeah, so's my oven, you don't see me stickin' my head in there!


    The Mojave was surprisingly green for the temp and time of year, probably a biproduct of the plentiful rains earlier this year. Aside from no A/C and touchy coolant issues, my lockers were really sticky. Apparently, sticky locker actuators get even stickier when it's hotter than the Seventh Layer of Hell.


    Aside from complete dunkings in ice cold cooler water, clothing choices made a huge difference in comfort. My safari clothes were very comfortable and wicked the sweat from my body. I was also thankful for the Kuffiyah (A-rab-Do-Rag) that my brother-in-law brought me back from Elat, Israel. I used to wear an Israeli-Army issue "boonie" hat, but this thing was WAAAAAY more comfortable. My head felt like there was an air conditioning unit attached to it. It's a brilliant piece of clothing. So I guess you could say I switched sides! :flipoff2:
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    Nice pics man...

    I miss that area a lot...I used to drive through DV all the time....

    Thanks for sharing.

    Akron, OH
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