Mohave heater

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Jan 18, 2006
Reno, Nevada
Anyone running a mohave heater in their 40's?
Was looking for ideas and inspiration on mounting these lil deals.

Hoping someone could spare a few shots as well.

I 86'd the stock MONSTROSITY to free up that space on the fire wall to mount my battery is the MAIN reason for going this direction.

don't have any pics for ya keith but it's a good choice. they definetly put out the heat and physically much smaller.

run it!
hindsight said:
I'd like to see some pictures of this setup....Please ;)


It won't be a very popular method I plan to employ for this, here. I totally re did the whole rig. It was a 1700.00 basket case that was already hacked.
I picked up the summit heater unit with dual vent ports. It will be mounted in the stock location and bolted to the firewall in the cab. So I plan to aim the vents UP and cut the louvores into the face of the dash.
The unit puts out 28k BTU's, and the CFM was pretty high as well to push it, so it should keep me and (more importantly my wife) nice and toasty.
Ill post pics and I go.
Btw.... I'm runnin the GM tilt column, so I don't need the stock pull knobs anymore.

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