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Dec 7, 2007
West Hills, CA
@yodaTEQ 's side mirror mount was just one of those things that I knew was a good idea. I planned on something kinda sorta similar but Frank took it into a direction that works better than I was going to do. So purchase was an easy thing.

I had planned for a long time all of the things that I wanted to do with the side mirrors and like EVERYTHING else I do, I gathered all of the components for the project over an extended period of time. I had no idea when I would actually get to it...if ever.

My plan for the mirrors include:
  • Adding heated mirrors (DS & PS)
  • Adding turn signal lights (DS & PS)
  • Adding small (4-LED) @2000UZJ lights (DS & PS)
  • Adding 27" Firestick antenna (PS)
  • Adding external thermometer (DS)
  • Adding courtesy lights (DS & PS)
  • Replacing the window runs (DS & PS)
  • Replacing the vapor barrier (DS & PS)
  • Fix shakey mirror (PS)

The following, lengthy, write-up will explain:
  • How I am doing the install?
  • Why I am adding certain components?
  • Links to various mods?
  • Stuff I considered but changed my mind on?
  • Questions I have on finishing up the mod and then working on the other side since I'm still in the middle of this.

I wanted to at least start the writing since there is a lot involved and there are a LOT of pics.

Below you see the hard work that Frank's daughter put into the marketing and packaging of the mirror mounts. I don't think her effort should go unappreciated so I'm posting up a few pics so we can all see what you get when the box arrives. You can find the link to purchase here:


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