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May 21, 2003
I've spent the past few nights helping a friend swap engines and transmissions out of one FJ60 and put them in another. The odd part came about when the doner vehicle came missing a control arm on the transfer case. When we put everything back into the keeper vehicle and noticed what the control arm was meant to do. The standard shifting options are:


With the arm removed, it then becomes

| ? |

We tested it out quite a bit before bolting everything back up and it all seemed fine. So we buttonedit all back up and took it for a test drive. Sure enough, it's a new valid position from everything that we can tell. The only advantage I guess that it gives is that you can stay in two wheel drive and take advantage of the lower gearing without engaging the front drivline. I haven't checked if there is a new neutral between 2H and 2L, or if you can take that path to 4L, but wouldn't be surprised if you could.

So now the questions. ???

Has anyone ever heard of this?
Is there a problem with doing this?
My friend said he had heard of someone doing this on a 40, can someone confirm?
Do any of you have this "feature" on your rig?

yeah it's normal, lots do it, only downfall is the fact that you can knock it from 2 hi to 2 neutral without visually noticing, then you wonder what has blown because you can't move it (common trick to play on friends that just bought a new 4x4 would be put the transfer case in neutral and watch them try frantically to get it to go. reduces grown men to tears when their new go anywhere toy all of a sudden loses drive :D
GREAT mod, one I've had done for about 7-8 years....I use 2wd low all the time on the trails until I get to someplace that might need some real traction.

This mod is on my rig as well (40 with a 5 speed and split case) ... The only problem I have had is that the shifter sometimes popped out of 4L and into 2L. It only seemed to happen when I was pulling someone out of the mud. The shock of the rope fetching-up was the cause. So, I increased the tension on the shift fork detent spring. This has increased the resistance involved with shifting and solved the problem ....

Its a useful mod otherwise ... I even find it good in very slow stop-and-go traffic; it allows me to idle along without clutching or braking ....
??? I don't seem to remember a spring on the 60 ..was it external to the transfer case? I'll have to crawl back under and check.

Nice tip though.

Any other tips and or tricks? ;)

The spring is internal .. you will notice a bolt that is close to where the shift fork exits the t-case. If you remove the bolt you will find a spring and a ball bearing under the bolt (The bolt has a recess where spring sits). It would be much easier to show you than explain it .... Anyway, if you can find an exploded yiew of your t-case ... it is easy to find.

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