Mobil 1 Truck/SUV

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Mar 25, 2005
I have a couple of 5-qt jugs of Mobil 1 Truck/SUV 5W30 sitting in my garage for quite some time (at least a year and half now), and have been thinking to use them up in my 96 LX for the next oil changes. I know these are supposed to be good oil, but my LX has always been been running the Castrol GTX 5W30 for years and the last thing I want is for it to develop some oil leak due to switching of the synthetic oil. What do you guys think, shall I try the Mobil 1 Truck/SUV at all?
I think you should go ahead and use the Mobil 1. Synthetic oil has matured quite a bit over the years. Originally it shrank the seals. Then after a few years of development it cleaned shrunken seals of gunk, and showed you where your bad seals were by leaking. Now, supposedly, it cleans the seals and causes them to swell & be rejuvenated.

Regardless, synthetic oil causing leaks creates a black eye on synthetic oil. From all appearances, the oil industry has done a bit to eliminate the early issues.

FWIW, my next oil change will be to Mobil 1, once I find it on sale. :)
If you have it it's worth a try.
Some report increased consumption with Mobil1. Not sure if it's from blowby, valve seals, or leakage.

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