Mobil-1, 0W20 Difference?

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Sep 1, 2004
So. Austin, tx
Is there a difference in these two oils? other than labeling?

Green label bought at Oreilly's & states Advanced fuel performance
Golden label bought at Walmart & states extended performance


Thanks Estancio, here is the reply, in yellow, from Mobil oil...

Luis, The advanced fuel economy helps you save about 2% on your fuel and can go 10,000 miles. The Extended Performance is a more robust oil and has 50% more base stock, also a propitiatory on pao oil, and super antiwear package which is our best oil and goes 15,000 miles. -Mauricio

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Greetings Mobil,
I have a question regarding Mobil-1 0W20 oil to be used on my 2011 FJ Cruiser on which I do my own oil changes. On my previous oil changes, I was buying the one gallon jugs at Autozone or Oreillys and the latest one I bought was a Walmart. The labels are different I wish I could attach a picture. The jugs purchased at autoparts stores mentioned have a green background label with the statement across it saying Advanced Fuel Economy along with the recommened vehicle use. The jug purchased at Walmart has a light brown label which states Extended Performance, 15,000 Miles of Guaranteed Performance. Is the product the same? Just different labels? Should I use one over the other for my 50,000 mile FJ Cruiser?

Thanks you in advance for your time.
Best Regards,
Luis M. Dominguez
I guess from now on I'll use the brown label stuff from Walmart for better engine protection & in case I go over the recommened oil change intervals.
Thanks for posting the response from Mobil!
I was just at WalMart today buying oil. The 5 quart jug of Extended Performance (brown) was only $2 more than the Advanced Fuel Economy. Probably worth the extra 40 cents per quart.
Around here a 5 quart jug at WalMart is usually about $25 but it can vary up or down a dollar.
AMSOIL is way better than any Mobil 1 product. 25,000 miles or one year on Amsoil. Use amsoil in the tranny and love the smoother shifts.
That is interesting. I like Kendall GT-1 0W-20 that I get online for $5/qt and free shipping when I buy a case of 12 quarts. Seems like a good oil. I have a mental block at going over 10k on a change so I usually change the oil and filter at less than 10k ( last weekend was 9400) Toyota recommend 10k changes on their filters and those are $50 for a case of ten. I work with guys who swear by Royal Purple but that is $10/qt!!!!
I am not cheap and my mantra is "you get what you pay for" but I am not paying $10/qt when other products meet the criteria.
Oh, i used to use Wix filters on my chevys of years ago every once in a while , a very average spin-on. AC-Delco make a larger and better filter.Wont touch either anymore.

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