Moan turned to squeal. Power steering teardown starts tomorrow

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Apr 26, 2009
Three weeks ago on a cold morning I heard the power steering start moaning, mostly while turning stopped or moving slow. Never happened before. Gradually went away, but last night it was replaced by a horrid squeal. Belts are still tight, as far as I know (any method of checking the largest belt's tension without a gauge?).

I'll start pulling things apart tomorrow and check the pulleys, check for leaks, flush the system, etc. In the meantime, suggestions never hurt :D

Flush system and change to synthetic ATF if it isn't already in there. Don't use power steering fluid.
Napa sells UV dye for lubrication fluids. Works great with a $10 E-bay LED UV flash light and yellow glasses.
Dye is only $5, just ask them for it since its usually behind the parts counter.

O'reillys also carrys the Gates rebuild kits. ToolRus says they are pretty decent. $24 IIRC
Alriiiiight. Thanks for all the info.
Will Dexron III work? I have some of that in the boot. Two quarts, to be precise.

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