For Sale [MO]80 front axle rebuild parts

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Oct 25, 2006
Columbia, MO
United States
I bought all this for my 80 to do an axle job and I ended up selling it before I got around to it. No receipt so there's no way toyota is going to give me my money back, plus it's been over a year. Anyways, I thought somebody on here could use it.

This is Beowulf's part list for a budget rebuild, also included are the clips to swap birfs. (90521-34005) Make me an offer, this stuff isn't doing me any good sitting under the work bench.

Section C. Do the job at minimum cost.
This is for those of us that need to save every possible penny
and will risk a premature failure to conserve money. This may
be the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th axle service for your vehicle.
Most parts will be cleaned and reused.

90313-93003 $27.22 ea x2 Dust Seal
43436-60011 $ 1.14 ea x2 Inner Spindle Gasket
43435-60020 $ 1.03 ea x2 Outer Spindle Gasket
43204-60031 $27.35 ea x2 Dust Seal & wiper Kit
43422-60060 $ 1.51 ea x2 Hub Gasket

90310-35010 $ 6.26 ea x2 Inner axle oil seals


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