mixing red ram with mollyb for suspention

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Dec 14, 2005
I have red ram red suspention grease for my bj-60. I have already used it on the universal joints for the drive shaft and for the front steering links. I dont think there is any negative issues over the long term. Lordco recomended that I use this for offroading since it has less issues with being washed out or away. That did not make any sence but thats what he told me.

Anyway, will be using it on the sperical steering ball soon and need to have a flexible hose adapter with the proper end that I can screw into the top of the sperical steering ball. Are there any I can buy? The ball is looking kind of dry.

As a side note, what type of transfer case oil should I use to replenish in this tranny? I think its the h55f? transmission/transfer case combo.
Any NLGI 2 lithium based grease(or compatible-with-lithium grease) will work for the u-joints; however, the manufacturer does specify a NLGI 2 Molybdenum Disulfide grease for the birfield joints(the spherical things) although I know very experienced 4wd truck techs that say it doesn't matter. By the way, one is cautioned against pumping grease into the cavity, that is, pressurizing it. The hole on top is meant to be kind of a "top off" thing. To fully lube or relube the birfields they have to be dismantled. Hope this helps.

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