Mixed coolant

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Mar 2, 2016
United states
Sooo. I bought an 05 GX about 3weeks ago. Had a bunch of preventative stuff done and now the radiator is leaking. Just bought the replacement and will tackle it Saturday. To my question.

The place that did the service TB/WP yada yada flushed and filled with Orange(dex)? I was going to replace rad and fill with pink. Should I flush the entire system or can I just add the pink and do the flush in a few weeks. Opinions on this seem mixed.
Orange (OAT) and Pink (HOAT) are both organic acid.
Green is inorganic acid (IAT).

NEVER mix green (IAT) with either organic. It will gel, block your engine, and kill it.

Orange and Pink (OATs) can mix, but they will reduce the service life to between the two in terms of corrosion resistance.

If you are going to run short term, mix the orange and pink if you have it handy.

When you get it all sorted do a flush and fill with the one color and all smiles.
Perfect, this was my thought. I actually called the shop today and they did say it was a universal coolant. I think I'm going to just get the rad in and do the flush.

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