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Green Lantern

Have Truck, Will Travel
Dec 18, 2002
Fort Worth, Texas
Thanks Nick!!!
Josh has got the whole damn series but he won't copy it for me. Evidently he dun go t drunked up and bought it off the infomercial!!!
That's right ... and since he's still makin them "low monthly payments" ... he ain't givin' nobody no copies. :frown:

The good news is that the last payment is in like 2008 so we're gettin' closer. :grinpimp:

hee haw !?! Ha! I can't beleive that was ever on primetime!
DrrrtyGRRRL said:

To hell with Hee-Haw ma'am ....

If'n you ain't married and you'd like to experience a gen-u-ine TLCA event just to make sure it's somethin' you're interested in 'fore you pony up the bucks for a Cruiser ... have I got a deal for YOU!! :grinpimp:

It could be quite possible for me to arrange an exclusive tour of an event ... along with all your necessary transporataion and accomodation needs. :bounce: :bounce2: :bounce:


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