Missing washer/shim? 78’ FJ55 parking break/transfer output shaft.

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Sep 27, 2008
Portland, OR
Mornin everyone,

I’m looking at my FSM and reviewing other threads regarding parking break rebuilds prior to putting mine back together today. Below is a picture from the FSM showing what they are calling a “plate” and a shim, I believe, prior to the stake nut.

Below is what I took off my 78’ 55.

Am I missing something or is the FSM perhaps showing all options across multiple years and what I have is fine for a 78’? If I am missing something is it the “plate”, I’d call it a washer or am I missing the shim?

Thanks in advance!
I can just tell, on my Brazilian Version (I don't have item 1, all mechanical here) there is only a big washer, nothing like a shim.

Is it a lock-"shim" or do you bend the nut?
I totally forgot I had a tranny/transfer out of a New Zealand FJ45 with a parking brake still on it in the garage. Pulled off the driveshaft and found the exact same set up as was on the 78’ 55. Maybe the set up I originally posted is THE factory way. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Just wanted to follow up with the “shim” I ordered from Toyota. If I’m reading the FSM correctly this goes on prior to putting on the staked nut when putting the parking brake back together. The shim has a .3mm on it and for the life of me I can’t figure out what .3mm in this position would do if anything.

I have not put any miles on my 55 yet after making this fix so have not been able to establish if I have a new leak or not. Unsure what kinda tech this provides but maybe it’ll help someone out that was/is as confused as me.

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