Missing bearing seat on lower knuckle plate

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May 27, 2012
Temecula, California
I just finished sandblasting my knuckles, arms, and hubs. It feels good to have 40 years of rust, grease, and grime to be completely removed :)

Anyway, notice in the attached picture that the knuckle plate on the right is missing the bearing seat (or whatever it's called). It wasn't until after I sandblasted all my parts that I noticed the missing part.

I am not sure whether or not that bearing seat was ever there in the first place, but based on how difficult it is to remove the bearing seat, I highly doubt that it simply slipped off without me noticing.

I'm looking for confirmation that both knuckle plates do require that bearing seat thing. They do, right?

If yes, who sells just that part?

If not, which side (driver/passenger) do the knuckle plates go to (i.e. the plate without the bearing seat goes on the driver side?)
That would be the bearing inner race. It is part of a bearing that the rollers ride on. Just knock it off or heat it and it should fall off. When you buy new bearings all will be good.

The missing part is simply part of the bearing. (Taper-roller bearing design.)

When you buy a new bearing you get "2 races plus the roller-cage".

(The missing part is just one bearings inner race.)

Races shouldn't be mixed up between different bearings.

The missing race is probably with the rest of the bearing parts for that side.

Sometimes they come off easily. Other times they don't.

They shouldn't have any slop/clearance in their fit ... that's all.

Ooops. Rob beat me to it.

Ever worked on a Series Land Rover front axle swivel housing?

I have .... but then I've also forgotten all about them Steve.

What're you trying to say?


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