Missed it !!

Jun 21, 2003
Black Mountain, NC
Darn :mad:
My lookout at a major Dallas dealership IMed me yesterday morning to see if I was still in the market for another truck. He said he had a local. well-maintained 1998 TLC with all options, including the rear locker, white with grey leather and 68,000 miles. They had done the 60k service, put on new 275-70 michelins and wanted 23 or so for it. He thought I could get it just about 20.
By the time I checked my wife and my calendar and IMed him back to make a date (less than an hour!), the truck was out on a test drive and Sold when it came back.

Oh, well. Maybe next time!

For those in the market for a used truck and waiting for a local one-owner, this is a good time to be looking since the tax breaks on heavy new trucks may well end after this year, and small business owners and their CPAs will be taking advantage of year-end deals and also that federal tax break for capital investment in heavy equipment (for which the TLC definitely qualifies!).

Merry Christmas!



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