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Dec 6, 2012
Gunnison, Colorado
Ok I have a shed full of spare parts and a parts car full. Need to move some of it. I'll try to update with more parts as I come across them. Please make an offer if asking price is too high. All parts are used unless otherwise noted. All prices plus shipping

- X2 2f distributors - $75 each taken off running engines, one from 60 and one from 40.
- 84 fj60 power steering pump with pressure hose and rebuild kit, was leaking but never found if it was from hose, pump or what. Put on saginaw conversion I had instead of reusing. Rebuild kit is brand new oem and cost me $60, will sell all for $100
- intake manifold X2, one is stock from fj60, other is from earlier fj40 and has aftermarket heat riser. $50 for original and $75 for one with heat riser.
- X2 stock fj60 air filter assemblies, both in good shape, $50 each
- stock aisin carb from 84 60 and new rebuild kit, pulled from my dd 60 when desmogging. Was running fine, but can be rebuilt with the included rebuild kit or sent off. I can also rebuild it before selling but I'll want more $ for my time. $150
- various a/c stuff, let me know what you need
- 2f head complete with valve cover, came from engine that threw a rod through oil pan $150
- h42 transmission out of an 84 fj60 in good shape $150
- fj60 chrome rims, need a clean but average condition $50 each

Remember, make an offer if you need or want anything. I have some $ invested in some of these parts, but I also would rather see them used than rot in my shed for the next 50 years. I have more parts, so if you need anything let me know and I'll see if I can help and I'll update as I pull more stuff out. I also have a lot of cores and rebuildable stuff like alternators, starters, clutch cylinders, etc etc if someone wanted to pick something up super cheap to try and rebuild or needs a core.

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