For Sale Misc. FJ60 parts.

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Feb 26, 2003
Sherwood Park, Alberta
United States
FJ60 Carb cooling fan $75
Mint condition rear leaf spring covers $50
Rear tow hook $20
FJ60 Headlight washer nozzles and motor for reservoir $100
FJ60 choke cable $20
FJ60 A/C amplifier $20
Brand new 4 speed shift knob $20
FJ60 radiator $50
Random FJ60 parts (picture with small packets) $10

I have photos but am not sure how to resize them...
I will take the shift knob. Will message you shipping details for pricing with shipping.
Does the 60 radiator fit a 62? I forget if our accessories make it different?

And is it brass OEM?
FJ60 radiator likely won't have a transmission cooler provision, if it's an OEM radiator.
Good point Steve. Thanks. I forgot about that.
Radiator is after market. Sorry for the late replies guys. Will try ans get back to you all asap. Been really busy. I am in Canada but could ship from the states possibly to save on shipping. But that would mean waiting until I get down there.

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