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Dec 31, 2005
Close to the Country, Hawaii
I've put a lot of work in my FJ60 (5.3 Vortec, Filled all holes, tire carrier, etc...), so I have a few parts that are taking space. These parts are used but in good working order.

FJ60 Tire Carrier $20.00
2F Water Proof Distibutor Cover $20.00
FJ60 Front and Rear Mud Flaps $20.00
Military Pintle Hook $20.00
2f Engine and 2F Emissions Manuals $10.00 each
FJ40 shift Boot (still in bag from SOR) $10.00
FJ60 Plastic badging FREE!! with first order

I'm located in Sacramento, CA. As per rules none of these items are on e-bay. I would like to see these parts get used and not end up in the local landfill.
shift boot for the tranny or transfer? I'd like dibs on it if it's for the transfer. Ken
Ill take the 2F manual
pintle hook...

How much to ship to 49417?Michigan.
The pintle hook would be between $15.00 and $19.00 dollars to send. It is around 10-15 lbs. I'm guessing.
The tire carrier is around $12.00. The tire carrier also has the wardware.

Later, Digger
Put me down for #436 on the manual list. You still have them?
I'll take the mud flaps and I'm in Sacramento. I could come and pick them up...

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