Wanted Misc 40 parts or other odds and ends

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Dec 4, 2002
Guys I need an early (1970-72) trans hump. Smaller than the newer ones. Prefer one with the holes cut already for a floor shifter and 4 speed transfer. Condition not really important, just not swiss cheese. Well hell I would probably take swiss cheese too.

Need a rear view mirror. for 1970 windshield frame.

Need a good piece of Windsheild Glass. Close to Columbus OH, or anywhere in Michigan. I can probably pick it up.

Need Driver side Side view mirror, I think to be legal.

That is all I can think of now.

I am cheap. So hopefully the parts are too.

PM me if you have any of it.

Thanks Warren.
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Kewl, I took those off of da list.

Looks like work needs me to go to Escanaba next week. Love an extra 12 hours in the car.

Nick I will try to get those at the wrenching. trade you for some Diet pepsi and some brats....
I have a hump pm me

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