MiniTruck Spare Carrier

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Oct 18, 2007
A while ago i drew up plans to build a tailgate based spare carrier with a little baja styling. Now they've come out with the tiregate so I know it may not be too original but I had never heard or seen this "tiregate" previous to my drawing. Anyway enough background, today me and derek got started on my design.

The goods

As far as we got today after collecting all the materials and figuring out some bracketry. This is the frame of the "tailgate" minus both upper bushing mounts. We had the bottom tube that makes up the gate portion almost ready to tack just needed a little more grinding but it got late and the neighbors don't like me enough as it is.

Surprisingly it has gone relatively quick and fits great but i guess that's what happens when you've got what it's going on right in front of you :hillbilly:

We'll finish up tomorrow and have more pics.
And your doing it with an arc welder ??

Looks really cool and the work looks really good as well. You got my vote for club welder!
Good jod I need a tailgate for the trailer I'm buliding that might work.
Thats sweet man...I'm going to have to hang out down south more with the runner and some
The spare carrier came out supper sweet im loving it i give my props to talon he sure did a good job im trying to figure out something to fill the tops of the pipe maybe so i can throw some flags on each side
And your doing it with an arc welder ??

Looks really cool and the work looks really good as well. You got my vote for club welder!

cheap mig, and not sure you guys would want me welding on your rigs :lol:

Looks like a good start.

Why did you 45 the coners instead of cope them?

didn't want to make and weld in plugs for the ends :hillbilly:

Here are the finished product pics.



guys that looks awsome...when you gonna start taking orders for
yea gee wouldn't want you to make somthing like yea right that came out cool i like it
Finished mine off today. A little late for tech but i've got a spare now :lol:


Looks good guys. I like how you both chose a different design. Hey Budking, that would work perfect for you.
Looks so much better in person.

Great Job!

Thanks, the next one i build i'll take your advice and cope the frame part of the carrier. I didn't know it was stronger to do it that way.

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