minitruck ps box rebuild kit

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Sep 14, 2005
Russellville, Arkansas
I got one that I'd like to clean up and rebuild before doing the conversion on my 1970 40. It's from a '85 4 runner, and apparently no rebuild kits exist for them. Will a 40 or 60 series ps box rebuild kit work? Are these kits available? I'd like to do the seals at the least. Any help in finding rebuild parts is appreciated. Thanks! ty :beer:
look up hydro assist by me in the 60 section

The guy posted in the thread has mini box stuff as well
Still looking for this kit. Last person I emailed quit responding. Must be my magnetic personality. Anyone know of any other avenues for a kit? Thanks, ty

i never did but I sent mine off to west texas offroad and they did a sweet job. I think it was about $150.00 or so. HTH, ty

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