Minitruck PS box bracket dimensions (reversed)?

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Aug 19, 2003
So I'm about to install PS on my RHD FJ45...even will have a RHD minitruck PS box. What is now missing is the bracket. I need to have one made for the starboard side.

Anyone have the dimensions or drawing so I can reverse/mirror them?

This may be an odd idea, but a left hand box bracket installed on the right side may have the correct angle needed for the pu box to set on. a stock LH angles down toward the rear wheels. turned around and put on the right side would angle the plate down towards the front wheels, just like the aftermarket bracket would do. Just an idea.
A LH box isn't going to work on the right as the pitman arm would be pointing inside the frame.
Bump to see if anyone has the dimensions for the mini-truck bracket?

Also, can't say for sure if the bracket on the other side would work. Hard to tell really...
Bump, anyone have dims?

Talk to MMW68. I think he recently had a PS bracket fabbed and he's always willing to help a brother in need.
Yeah, didn't he buy his 40 off of you Scott? I'm sure he'd be eager to help in any way.
Hey everyone, looks like there are loads of options here on the minitruck PS box bracket, but dimensions I know are possibly hard to infer.

Let me ask even another way: anyone making these would you be willing to make me a mirror image for RHD?

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