Minitruck booster linkage problems

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Apr 26, 2010
San Diego, CA
Hi All,

I'm doing a brake booster and MC replace on my 69 fj40. I've got a booster, splitter, and MC from an 84 minitruck and an adapter from JTO.

So far I've got the adapter, booster, and MC installed, carburator modified (I had to cut down the throttle linkage to clear the brake splitter), and am working on the hardlines (modifying it fro the stock single circuit to a FR+FL+Rear configuration)

So with the adapter in place, the linkage from the booster is about 3-4 inches short of reaching the pedal arm. I was not able to get the old swivel linkage off but they are both the same threading so it's ok.

I have 4 to 5 ideas on how to rig an adapter for the linkage, but I wanted to see if others have had this issue or had a great way to fix this. I don't want a monkeyed together brake linkage be the excuse I use for some poor crumple-zone victim I rear-end.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. I can provide pictures if it would help.

I am having the same problem. Found this post with no responses, but could use some ideas. Please help.
Thanks. I'll post some pictures this evening. At work now, but still thinking about it.

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