mini truck springs on fj40?

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Mar 9, 2006
Chattanooga TN.
Well, I looked in the faq, and did a little searching but didn't find anything. i'm wondering if anyone has used minitruck rear springs in the rear of a 40? they're 3inches longer in the rear, looks like they would swap right in and get rid of my drooping rear, and maybe flex just a little more. anyone try this?
No comment huh? guess i'll just have to do it and tell ya how it worked.
yea, go for it, its not a common thing for the cruiser crowd, but see how they work and post up your results.. The rear 55 and 60 springs are what most 40's do to add some wheelbase/flex
that is very cool . i wanna see the outcome and what your shackle angle looks like. got stock shackles?
Wasn't this just discussed in another thread?

Mini truck springs are pretty puny under a mini truck. Unless you are talking about a stripped down and sawzall'd buggy they will be screaming for relief. Not gonna solve a rear sag.

There's a reason why you can get them just for hauling them away. ;)

Wasn't this just discussed in another thread?

I posted a question on the mini truck section asking if anyone knew if it was feasable to put 40 springs on a 4runner. I have some stock F&R springs from a 77' 40 and was contemplating trying to install them on my 84' 4runner that has flat springs from hauling a lot of heavy stuff.

I measured and compared and decided they were not even close to a match.

I am interested in seeing how it works out for you...

Good luck
I think they are too weak. Your 40 is going to sag. Please prove me wrong.
well I wanna try them since I have them sitting here. but it may have to wait a few weeks, i gotta have my tonsils removed this coming week, so I aint gonna be laying under a cruiser for a few days anyhow. i'll post some pics to this thread when I do it. if it don't work, i'll yank'em out and do something else. :bounce:

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