Mini truck powersteering

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Apr 13, 2003
Ridgway, CO
??? I'm planning on installing minitruck powersteering on my 79 FJ40(stock drive train, 5'' lift), those of you guys who run this setup; have you had any problems with it. How tough is the installation, How does this system hold up to 35" rubber. Any tips/info is greatly appreciated :)
its eazy to install but not worth the effort I have it and even went to a sag pump for more psi it works but not as good as scout or sag for 35"s and lockers :-/
I put a minitruck ps system in mine... works great w/ 33's, about 6" lift,... turns effortlessly. Installation was easy enough... had to modify the minitruck pump bracket, move the alt to the pass side. Bolting on the steering box bracket was a trick with a header on, but should be no problem with the stock exhaust... just have a magnetic pickup tool ready to pull your dropped nuts, lockwashers out of the frame.
No complaints here, unless you plan on running a shackle reversal anytime in the future, you will rub your left tire on your drag link/pitman arm when turning hard left under compression.

Also, if you can find the ps pump with the remote (detached) fluid reservoir, you don't have to mess with getting the pump mounted at the right angle,... only with belt alighment.
I haven't done the mini truck powersteering, but I have done the scout saginaw on my fj55 with 33 12.50s. Haven't tried it with 35s. Seems to work well with the 33s though. It looks to me like the fab work for the mini truck set-up takes a bit more, but isn't that complicated. I Chose the scout set-up so I wouldn't have to cut the cross member out, and it eliminated the drag link and center arm which eliminates a lot of slop in the system. If you have any questions about this set-up email me. I should be able to come up with some links detailing it if you're interested

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