Mini truck power steering line and cooler

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Jun 25, 2015
Picked up a power steering box from an 81 mini truck. Pics attached. Has the cooler and high pressure line in good condition. Are people using the stock line and cooler with their conversions? Maybe there's a fatal flaw but I can't test fit it cause my 78 is in pieces.


I used the cooling line on mine and it works great without any issues.

You will need a pedestal to mount the steering gear box, I got mine from Georg @orangefj45 send him a PM and he'll take good care of you, tell him Mike the Geezer sent you @78fj40mg .
Thanks geezer. Gonna order a couple of brackets from George when the time comes. So you used it but not in the original location as on the factory box?
The original pedestal doesn't have the proper angle alignment and it needs to be replaced.
Here's my link index of my install, actually there are two links. Mike's 1978 FJ40 Build
Ditto on georeg, used his,stuff, he was a huge help

Best thing i ever did on my cruiser, though i may,change my mind once i add ac
In my opinion, that's not a stock high pressure line, or it's one I have never seen (among many '79-'85 boxes and lines). The high pressure lines I have seen were mostly rubber, with just short pieces of metal at each end - no integral cooler, like yours.

If you can make that high pressure line and integral cooler work, then go for it - not sure how or if it will clear the inner fender.

I run a cooler (custom bent from a 4' piece of brake line with the ferrules left on, and the nuts cut off) on the low (return) side of the PS box. This cooler sits along the inner fender, adjacent to the driver's side headlight.
I used a small trany or PS cooler when I did mine,then I found the OEM cooler tube(under radiator) but never did install it, the small cooler works great. But mine is on the low pressure side
I used georges lines and a big inline cooler that looked like a heatsink.
When running those long lines off of the flare, be sure to support the line at the bracket by the U. If not, the vibration can cause the flare to crack, makes a big mess in a hurry, or being near the exhaust, fire.

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