Mini truck power steering box with factory pump

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Feb 2, 2014
Vancouver Island
Heyo mighty forum,
I'm installing mini truck power steering on my 1982 BJ42. My 3b has a factory power steering pump and I'm wondering if the high pressure fitting on the inlet side of the mini truck box is the same as the outlet of the 3b pump? Also, are the outlet threads on the box the same as on the high pressure side? I'd like to avoid paying for a used high pressure line from a mini truck if I can help it. I'm all set up and ready to rock.. this line is the last piece of the brutal, rusty puzzle. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
AFAIK, they are all the same M16 hi-pressure fitting.
Early boxes (79-80?) have a smaller M14 return fitting, but then they all go up to a 10mm barb w/ M17 thread from 80- on.

You have basically duplicated the factory PS system, so a stock hose for a BJ42 should fit perfect, if such a thing is available.

Otherwise, get the adapters from M16 to #6 SAE, install into PS pump & box, and then have a hydraulic shop make a hose with standard ends.

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