Mini truck master cylinder

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Feb 7, 2009
Kalispell Montana
Hey guys, I have a quick question. I am currently doing a mini truck disc swap and wanted to see if anyone had a 55 with the master cylinder setup from a mini truck. I think I need to see a picture or have some sort of clarification because this thing is huge and I am afraid it may not fit in there with my weber carb. I have attached a pic and read all the threads I can find in search of something but can only find fj40 setups. Any info or input would rock. I also am wondering if the setup goes through the existing hole or if I have to move it slightly.
Well your first problem is the fact that your firewall was originally made for a single circuit brake master cylinder and reservoir. Note the triangle shaped bolt pattern around the original location of the brake master cylinder which is very similar to your clutch master cylinder.

The power assisted dual circuit brake master cylinder and vacuum booster are not going to simply bolt to your firewall without some serious modifications, or the use of a brake booster adapter, which if you decide to use the adapter is only going to create further fitment issues between your booster/master assembly and carburetor.

I understand the modification and adapter issue but what I really wanted to see is if the clearance is an issue after I do all the modification. I would be totally irritated if I did all the work only to find that it is in the way of my throttle cable on my weber carb. So I was hoping another 55 with this setup could shed some light on what exactly I can expect before I start cutting on my piggie.
So I was hoping another 55 with this setup could shed some light on what exactly I can expect before I start cutting on my piggie.

You're getting far enough away from stock that the odds are low that your gonna find another 'Mudder with exactly this setup....
Measure twice. Cut once.
Sometimes you just gotta go for it.
well once again I took your advice Pighead. I will try and post a pic later of the results but I think I may have a problem with my throttle cable to my carb. I think I can resolve it, I am just a little taken back at how little space there is in comparison to some of the other 55 rigs that I have seen on mud that have the same booster setup... I think my intake may be larger than stock... seems like there isn't a thing Stock on my piggie... that may be good but it sure makes getting parts for it a mystery... I think I may take out the spacer and shorten the rod, seems like that may give me enough room... we'll see.
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