Mini Truck knuckles/Brakes/spindles on a Fj80 Axle?

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Jan 29, 2007
Fort Lupton, CO
Do you think this would work?, I have a 1995 FJ80 Axle under my 85 4Runner, and I am having a HELL of a time finding a kit do to high steer, other than slee wanting close to $800 for their kit, I am sick of the tie rod in the back of the axle catching rocks, and taco'ing, I got to thinking, I wounder if I could just put mini truck knuckles/brakes/spindle on the 80 axle?, and use a mini truck highsteer? anybody ever tried this?, Do you think that the dimensions(circumference) of the 2 knuckles are the same? do you think the 80 birf would have enough clearance?
nevermind, just answered my own question, just went out and measured the 85 mini, and the 95 80 knuckles, over an inch difference!, ACK, does anybody else make high steer for the 80?, I saw OTT does, but their site says no longer available, plus I think with their arms, you had to send the knuckles in for machining, UGHHH
FJ80 high steer

A little late but for others, hellfire fab makes knuckles for this conversion.

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