mini truck axles

Aug 9, 2005
mini truck axles on fj40

I just bought a set of 1985 Toyota mini truck axles to do a sas on my 88 4runner and was curious should I put them under my 40 when the soa happens. I also have a cut and turned front 40 axle by Profitt's Cruisers. Which is stronger and should I just use the knuckles from the mini to facilitate the high steer. Which axle is wider, I pick them up this weekend and have not measured yet. The soa comences very soon. Any advice? thanks people.
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Aug 11, 2005
Sunny South
i would keep your stock 40 axles for sure and use your mini truck axles for your 4skinner. I really wouldn't do it if you already spent all that money on a cut turn from proffit. The cruiser housing is stronger then the mini but the birfs i believe are of equal strength. you will be unable to use the rear mini axle anyway on your cruiser because it has a centered rear diff. and your cruiser is offset. you can still get high steer for a 40.

you didn't say what year you had? or if you already had discs on the front of your 40.

or you could be a baddddass and get the 6 bolt knuckles from marlin.

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