mini spool

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Jul 7, 2004
a friend of mine is looking for a mini spool , for is 86 mini ( 8''). Anyone know where to find one?

Thanks :beer:
I just reread the initial post and maybe you're asking about a spool for a "mini truck", and not a "mini spool" for an 8" truck axle. Either way, a full spool is all that's available.
(That always throws me off when someone calls them mini trucks. I think Cruiser owners are the only ones who use that term). :)
Yes, my friend is looking for a ''mini spool'' for is 1986 pick-up . Looks like he will have to go with a full spool.

Sorry for the mini thing. Everytime I read about them, they are called mini :frown:
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Toyota pick-ups.

Thanks for your help! :beer:

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