Mini power steering conversion

Jan 31, 2002
:tear: I'm trying to hook things up today and have run into a problem with the high pressure hose. I have a gearbox from an 81 mini, saginaw pump, I bought the conversion line from JTO. While the line fits fine in the pump, the end that goes into the gearbox does not tighten down enough to keep the line from moving around. The threads on the fitting on the new line are 3/8ths long, while the old toyota line is 9/16ths. once I tighten the new line down so that the fitting stops turning, the line is still loose. I have looked into the pump where the hose goes and it has a flat bottom, and the fitting is flared, did I lose something hat is supposed to go in there? Anyone have an e-mail address for JTO so I can ask them?
Apr 5, 2003
I used the JTO PS kit last summer and had no issues. I used a PS gearbox from an '84 mini, and the high pressure line tightened up fine. Can't explain your issues.

I believe you can email JTO from their website. Not sure if they're open Saturdays, but I'd try giving them a call.

Good luck
Sep 26, 2002
Yakima, WA
Hey Fj

Check which line you have going where,... the minitruck power steering gearbox has two different sized theaded inserts. The high pressure inlet is the outer hole, and is smaller, and the slightly larger one is the return (closer to engine). Make sense?? I don't know the specific sizes, but they are pretty close to the same. I actually started by putting the hoses the other way around, but when the second didn't fit, I took a closer look.

Good luck!!
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