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Sep 5, 2010
Denver, CO
Looking for something I could take off road on camping/expedition trips into the high country - off road, of course. Would this be a good choice of a trailer to haul behind my FZJ80, or is this a bit too big/heavy?!

Trailer. Military M101A3

My truck is pretty much stock for now... I got a hitch in the back and there are the 4-holes available for the pintle hook.

Any info would be appreciated to get me started thinking about this in the right way.
That is a big heavy hauler for big heavy loads.
I have one , and I only feel comfortable towing it with my Power-stroke. I would not think about pulling it with anything less.
That's just me
But I have seen them being towed by smaller vehicles.
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You're going in the wrong direction. The M101 is a 3/4 ton trailer. The M105 is a 1.5 ton trailer... :eek:
That A3 would be easy to pull. The height would be the only shame. They are built to trak behind HHmmvs . The best solution to bring the trailer down would be to take the axel and place it over the axle. That wil give you a 4 inch drop once you take the 2 inch metal blocks out. I pull a M116a2 trailer with my 2011 Taco with no problems at all.
Here is nice small one, but he wants $2200!
Jeep, military, M416, off road trailer

Thats a new home built unit. Looks pretty nice and the price is fair for what you are getting IMHO. You are going to want to look for the m416 versions and variants... sad news is, most stuff around here in that size is fetching a pretty penny due to lots of interest.

The first one is WAY too big to be enjoyed... or pulled ;)

If you are patient, good ones pop up with regularity, however, they go fast once they get listed.
First off the trailer in the picture isn't an's an M101a2 (which has the conventional GM 8 lug wheels, and surge brake) should weigh in right around 1400lbs. empty. That's alot of extra steel to be hauling around. As mentioned by notme2...the M116a2 is lighter trailer, simply because of the lack of a heavy metal box....but is no lightweight. Hauls the same amount as a M101a2

Here's an example of a "civilized" the fall it will be getting a new electric brake axle. I tow both trailers with a 4Runner, but this after some frame reconstruction in the front of both trailers.

I'll also update the before and afters
This is a m116A2 cargo trailer. The m116 trailer was and is a trilaer designed for totting around Generators. I have one with a 101a2 box installed by the VRO. Not all trailers are the same. It depends on the unit that they were used by and the Company Commanders discrection. So that being said I have seen !M101a1 trialers with surge brakes, and M101a2's with six lug split rims. The combinations vary..And you cant rely upon the data plates because they are removed often. The M116 frame is heavier than the M101 series. They had to be in order to haul Generators off field.. Here are a few pics of mine. The 116a2 and the 101a1.
This is a picture of an M101a1 I just sold to a friend of mine. It was fun to haul around with my truck.That is why I bought the 101( Green 383) in picture above.
That's what I thought...

Would this be a better choice? It weighs 2750lb... pretty heavy?!
1997 Military M105A2 1 1/2 ton cargo trailer

Price is crazy for a 1.5 ton. They are not worth that much. I could buy one for less than 200.00. I am all for making some money on the side but, that is RAPE. If you want one that big let me know and I can have ot delivered to your door and wrapped in bows for that price,,

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