Wanted Military Jeep Trailer Axle - M100 or similar

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Dec 17, 2005
United States
Wanted - Military Jeep Axle, M100 (will consider MBT).

Due to shipping costs, prefer to find an axle within driving distance of Portland, Oregon.

Email: Dodge_37 @ lycos dot com

Or PM me.
maybey this web site g503.com.
I have a m101 and a 6 lug I was thinking of swapping but I like the split rims on the 101, anyways I am driving distance and in the air on it, what are they worth?

Edit: I said 101 but it looks like a 100. The trailer has been chopped a little so I would have to dig out the axle code.
The M100 has a jeep pattern 5 on 5.5" hub.
I have a set of fj55 axles drum to drum. Cheap in Bend. If one would work.

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