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Milemarker winches on ebay: Warning!

Nov 29, 2007
I don't post much on here, but I wanted to get this info out.

There's a seller on ebay called extrememotorsportengineering who is selling 10,500 lb Milemarker hydraulic winches. These winches have been removed from HUMMV's and the listings are misleading.

He leads you to believe that the winch is complete, "except for a pump and hoses". When the winch arrives you'll discover that's not the case. You will need to purchase a three way solenoid valve as well as a control plug for the hand held switch.

Those items will run you several hundred bucks.

I learned the hard way. Hopefully you won't make the same mistake!
Apr 2, 2008
Victoria, BC
Resolution with seller?

I'm sorry this happened to you.

Have you contacted the seller?

I'd be asking for a refund/partial refund if I was mislead in that way. Most sellers will try to work it out rather than have negative feedback.

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