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I just bought a 60 with 300k on the clock and no regrets about it, I think it all depends on the condition of the truck more than a number on the odometer. In my case it came with every receipt on every maintenance and option over the last 26 years so I knew what I was getting.
Don't be suprised to find many daily drivers with mileage north of 250K. I drive mine about 150 to 175 miles a week and have 272K on the clock. As I have stated before... I would be more weary of a 25 year old vehicle with less than 100K than I would of one with more than 250K. Reason being that a vehicle with "high mileage" has had, at least the major systems fixed or replaced at some point in it's life. Ones with "low mileage" are likely to have the original equipment on it just waiting for you to be the one to replace it.

All that being said 350K would give me a little pause... just a little.
Milage question

I would look more at the condition of the frame and body, and general health of the engine. If you find someone with maint records, all the better. I've got 205,000 on my 84, and figure I've got a lot of miles left before I've gotta do something with my 2f. Best rule of thumb I've had is nothing above 3000 RPM unless you *know* the engine has been recently rebuilt and is in good shape.

That said, realize that there is a trade off of low initial cost, and having to replace bits, or higher initial costs, and somebody has likely done that wrenching for you. :)

Good luck searching - good rust free 60/62's are getting harder to find, thanks to the "Cash for Clunkers" fiasco. Kept seeing really nice rigs turned into metal cookies. For shame!

Glenn in Tucson
on trucks this old, mileage is pointless. there are too many factors to take into account, over too many years, with how many different drivers.
which would you have?
150K truck that seen redline shift points every time and did nothing but 3k rpm highway runs.
or 300k truck that ran around a town of 5000 people, and never saw more than 2500rpms.
the over all condition of the truck will paint the picture you need to look at. rust not being a big factor, of how it was taken care of.
is the underside nothing but a grease, oil and mud cake or does it look like leaks and drips were atleast kept to a min.

i would'nt buy a truck that has an interior that looks like the bussiness end of a dump truck.

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