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Feb 27, 2006
God's Country
Who beats 167,689 miles on their odometer, and still looks like you drove it off the lot?:grinpimp:
Me! almost 202K! minus two spots on the hood:)
Mine has 205,000 and looks like it was in a showroom, in the sun, in the desert, since 1994. Can you say crispy leather?

Mine has 130k+ and it looks like a "student driver" has been at the wheel.
172k+, but nowhere near showroom condition...unless Toyota offered racing stripes from branches and flaky clear coat as an option.

One of mine has 135K miles and looks new. :) One has 200K + kilometers on it and looks like it's been driven up and down a sandy beach half its life and got parked under a tree full of pooping bats too many times.:frown: Guess which one is which?
Almost 168k on ours, but can't hardly say it just came off the [dealer] lot! :D

As wife and daughter mostly drove it and never quite figured out where the corners of the vehicle were! Not to forget, the inevitable end result of living in an area that salts-to-death the white fluffy stuff that falls from the sky this time of year... <sigh>
I just eclipsed 100K .. *battin lashes*

Still young, and desirable ..

My 93 had 198k when I sold it, people still thought it was a newer vehicle.
146K, '95, and obsessing about the idiot head gasket. The truck was repainted due to hail damage, and then the hood was repainted due to a flying garage door tension spring that rocketed around my garage. Overall, still cleans up and looks great, in and out.

It's had two tie rod ends, a PS pump, a front pinion seal, and a starter rebuild. Everything else was maintenance or fluid changes.

Just rolled over 100K last weekend!!! Still looks new since the only offroad activities I've done are going over wicked speed bumps!
226,000 on the clock. Still has new fart smell. Looks great inside and out.
250K +

I've got some dents though.
300,000+ miles, looks like it dropped out of Mecha-Godzilla's butt. :mad:

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